General questions
Transit Now supports these cities (agencies). Since Transit Now is powered by Nextbus to receive transit data, if Nextbus adds your city to their list, then it will be supported. There are plans to support other non-Nextbus agencies some time in the future.
Since predictions are delivered from Nextbus, the app cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Sometimes a prediction is off due to unexpected traffic or delay. These circumstances are rare and most users report accurate predictions.
The run number is useful for transit operators who do their job of operating vehicles. The run number is always present if you tap a vehicle on the map. You can also enable it on a stop card, by going into Settings -> More, enable it, and then open a stop and tap its card.
The user can expand predictions to view more details, in which the asterisk symbolizes that this prediction is not truly accurate since it's affected by layover. Layover specifies whether the predictions are based not just on the position of the vehicle and the expected travel time, but also on whether a vehicle leaves a terminal at the configured layover time.
The newest Transit Now auto-updates with Nextbus whenever new TTC data is available. However, if you are using the legacy Transit Now Toronto app, please see the following links:
This permission is needed to import favourites for users who may have had favourites saved from the old Transit Now Toronto app. Users with devices running Android 6+ can deny this permission if they do not need to import favourites.
For the best experience, enabling location services and granting permission is recommended. Transit Now serves the most relevant information, such as presenting you with nearby stops and re-organizing your favourites based on your current location, so you don't have to spend time searching for your stop.
Device support

You bet! Download the app on the Pebble store. It's in beta so please feel free to report any feedback. We plan on making it more featured soon.

Yes! An iOS version of Transit Now can be found on iTunes.
We have plans to work on them.

See contact information on Google Play.

Please help out your local indie app developer by rating Transit Now on Google Play and sharing it with your friends. Your kind support will only encourage me to work harder and make the app as best as possible.

If you are unhappy about something, please refrain from 1-starring or writing a bad review. Please keep in mind this app is created by a human. Instead, email me with constructive feedback and I am more than happy to work with you to make your transit experience even better!