Transit Now is an app that displays real-time arrival bus & streetcar predictions. We focus on simplicity to make your commute more efficient. Transit Now... Not later!

  • June 2011

    Initial launch in a time where few had smartphones

    In an era of the first version Android OS (1.6), Transit Now Toronto (TNT) was initially released as a SMS-only app that worked with the local Toronto TTC agency. It was one of the first few apps dedicated to the TTC on the Google Play store at the time.

  • January 2012

    Introducing real-time predictions

    As cellular data plans become more popular, the demand for real-time predictions forced TNT to abandon SMS predictions as its primary method of retrieving predictions.

  • November 2013

    Holo design and special features

    TNT become the first Android app to offer alarm notifications (with voice countdown) and destination arrival predictions, which made the app unique amongst other carbon-copy transit apps. This release incorporated a major design overhaul with Holo Design (Android 3.0). The app also received notable mentions from Toronto Star, Mobile Syrup, and BlogTO for it's innovation and ease of use.

  • July 2015

    Android Wear release and beginning of rewrite

    This event marked the release of the Android Wear native app which ignited the new phone app's construction from scratch. The new app would take advantage of the new features in Android 6, such as Material Design.

  • June 2016

    A brand new Transit Now launched

    Transit Now Toronto officially became "Transit Now" and passed its beta testing phase. It had earned "featured" status in Google Play. It operates for many cities in supported by Nextbus.

  • January 2017

    iOS app released!

    With the partnership of Maciej, a local Toronto TTC and iOS advocate, Transit Now goes live on iOS. Download on the iOS app store